Get the Nexpert Commander and automate the process. With our Robust program, you can Super Charge the process and become Faster and more Efficient with your time.


The Application Opens The Browser For You

Performs Your Login

Performs Searches For You Based On Your PreConfigured Keywords

Eliminates Duplicate Results

Allows You To Marry The Response With The Post

Lets You Have Multiple PreSet Responses

Lets You Have Multiple PreSet Descriptions

Lets You Have Multiple Images For Posting Replies

Selects Your Business For Tagging based on Url You Provide

It Does The Heavy Lifting For You

Automate Your Lead Generation

Get Your Time Back

Automatically Create Awareness

Done For You System


Screenshots of the Nexpert Commander

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It won’t take too long for you to realize that this is a very hands on process and it would be nice to limit the amount of interaction and monotonous clicking and searching. Why not automate most of the process and make this a much more pleasant experience? Marketing takes time on any platform, including Nextdoor. Let’s get you working efficiently and start rockin the process and making more money with the Nexpert Commander!


Why does it matter if you automate or just do it manually? 

You get more exposure

Create more awareness faster

Cover more keywords shorter amount of time

Get Ranked and Stay Ranked

Auto eliminate duplicates

Manage Multiple Clients Make More Money

Works on Remote Accounts



Discounted Price For a LIMITED time During Pre Sale ONLY!

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